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The Terracotta Trail

Narratives in design

Manifestation of concepts to Reality

TYPOLOGY: Coffee Table Book

ROLE:  Project manager- design, content, photoshoot assistance, client and vendor coordination

TIMELINE: July 2020- August 2020

Most people build a house of their cherished dreams once in their lifetime, put all their energies into realizing it, and what one expects from it apart from comfort is a cache of memories that last a lifetime. The book documents just that- by celebrating design.

Interior designing is a multi-faceted form of art in which creative and technical solutions are applied to create a space into a beautiful and functional environment. It's not just about selling the space or décor, it is about selling the experience as well. The creativity it can exhibit is endless.


This book is a medium to unravel the layers and share the rationales that
helped us arrive at its contents. It reflects the pride and nostalgia of the family
members in their lineage.



It is true that the journey is always more enriching than the destination, the process, more invigorating than the product. This book helps to capture and share the essence of the design process. It also serves as a reflection tool, through which an entire story is stitched together.

The narrative adds soul and timelessness to design. This unique publication – The Terracotta Trail,  has been put together to share the rationale behind design decisions and how they were consciously intertwined with the Gupta family's history and customs. One didn’t rely on functionality and aesthetics alone, and at every step, for every element a convincing, thoughtful choice was made. 

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